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Nimmea eye cream

Help for dark circles under the eyes

Easily achieve a fresh look and beautiful eyes with Nimmea cream. It effectively refreshes the eye area and hydrates it, providing the needed vitamins and minerals to keep the skin smooth, fresh, and radiant.

Dark circles under the eyes vary from person to person. They often appear after a late,long night, because have slept too little. There are, however, many other reasons for the dark circles.

Great for delicate skin

The cream is great for the delicate area around the eyes. It refreshes the eye contour and reduces signs of tiredness, like puffiness, dark circles, creases, signs of dehydration and discomfort.

Without any fragrance

Nimmea cream is formulated without any fragrance which can end up irritating the skin further. It soothes, moisturizes and refreshes the skin. The fine texture of the cream makes it a great choice for everyday eye cream.

Powerful formula

The combination of caffeine, different vitamins and natural ingredients give this serum a lot of properties. The formula tightens the skin around the eyes and helps keep the delicate eye area smooth.

Brightens tired eyes

This serum reduces eye puffiness, under eye bags, dark sports and creases. It has caffeine in it which instantly awakens the skin and makes it look more radiant. The product leaves the under eye area fresh, radiant, and bright.

Main benefits:

Extract of red fruits

The cream contains extracts of raspberry, blueberry and black currant. These extracts help strengthen the skin and enhance its appearance. The fruits are rich in vitamin E which is beneficial for the eye area

Spring water

Nimmea cream contains purified, spring water for instant relaxation and creating a very pleasant feeling. The massage action of the applicator tip carefully improves the efficacy of the formula and gently massages the skin.

Cucumber extract

Cucumber is great when it comes to reducing puffiness and dark circles as it acts like an instant refresher. It is super gentle and hydrating for the skin. It helps keep the skin soothed and well- balanced.

Moisturizes dry skin

The eyes are affected first when it comes to signs of the passed years, not enough rest, and others. The skin under the eyes is very thin so it is easier to notice different signs there. Nimmea cream is specially formulated for the delicate under eye area and it leaves the skin feeling hydrated and looking fresh and glowy.

Nimmea eye cream

About product:

Reduces puffiness
Brightens the eye area

Reduces dark circles

Apply daily on well- cleansed skin

Price: € 13.99


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